Five Ventures


How Five Ventures Works

Five Ventures® focus is on high-growth businesses. Finalists will be selected from the following business sectors: Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices, Energy, Green Tech, Information Technology, Software-as-a-Service, Retail and Students.

If you would like to compete in Five Ventures® and have questions on how to categorize your business.  To download the Five Ventures® Application - CLICK HERE.

Who We Look For

Five Ventures® focus is on early-stage high-growth businesses with less than $350,000 in third party investment or revenue (excluding grants).  Entrepreneurs are to submit a two-page Executive Summary for review. All Executive Summaries are rated by our review committee. Once an Executive Summary is ranked, entrepreneurs will be given a report notifying them of their status along with recommendations for improvement. The deadline for final applications is February 16, 2010.  A lecture series will be presented from January 19 to February 11 providing valuable guidance for both entrepreneurs.

Five Ventures® Semi-Finals

Approximately 40 Executive Summaries will be chosen to present in the Semi-Finals.  Student competitors will compete on March 1, 2010.  Non-Student teams will compete on March 2, 2010.  Each team will have 8 minutes to present their business concept to our Executive Committee followed by 3-5 minutes of Q&A.

The top five Student teams will compete in the finals.  The top three Non-Student scores within each category will move on to the finals.


Students teams are free. Non-Student teams are required to pay a $75 application fee. Only teams that qualify for the Semi-Finals will be assessed the $75 fee, all others will be refunded. 100% of all application fees will be added to the cash prizes pool for the winners of the 2010 Five Ventures® Competition.

Non-Student Teams please Click HERE to submit your $75 Application Fee.

Five Ventures® Finals

There will be a total of 17 finalists (5 Student Teams & 12 Non-Student Teams) competing in the Five Ventures® Finals Competition. Five champions will emerge (one per category). Prior to the finals on April 13, 2010, each team is assigned 2-3 coaches designed to give one-on-one consultation. On April 13, 2010 entrepreneurs will compete, on-stage in front of a live audience on the campus of UNC Charlotte. Entrepreneurs will participate in a series of “pitch sessions” and “role playing exercises” to determine each sector champion.

The champion and runner-up of each category will receive awards.  The amount of each prize will be announced as soon as our fund raising campaign is complete.  All finalists will receive in-kind services from our list of premium service providers. Specific services and the value of those services will be announced in April 2010.

Key Dates

February 16

Final Executive Summary Applications Due - CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

February 19
All Semi-Finalists Announced

March 1

Five Ventures® Student Semi-Finals – UNC Charlotte Student Union


March 2

Five Ventures® Non-Student Semi-Finals – The Ben Craig Center

March 5

Five Ventures® Finalists Announced

March 8 to April 12

Coaches Assigned & One-On-One Consulting Begins for Finalists

April 9

Finalists Presentations Due

April 13

Five Ventures® Conference – UNC Charlotte

Contact Information

If you have any questions about the competition or would like to get involved as a coach and/or a sponsor - please contact the following:


Kenneth Paulus, Co-Producer
2010 Five Ventures® Business Plan Competition and Conference


Clare Cook Faggart, Co-Producer
2010 Five Ventures® Business Plan Competition and Conference